Flash Green

Innovating Towards a No Food Waste Future

Our Story

We are a group of enthusiastic students who believe that protecting the environment or live a sustainable life doesn't need to be all that "niche". It is in the little thing we do on a daily basis that makes a difference, like buying things to eat! Our mission is to transform ordinary consumption behavior into environmental significant activities through reconnecting, ocating and redistributing.

Our team has had first-hand experience with the frustrating problem of wasted residual stocks in the food industry. We have been the volunteers helping to relocate the products to those needed them most, nevertheless, we have yet to see a significant change in the industry. What would be a better move than becoming the answer ourselves?

Our Services

Why Corporate with us

Sustainable branding

Show all consumers how sustainable retail is achieved. Be a role model in the industry.

High Exposure

Imagine passerbys seeing your brand every time they pass our machines. What would they wonder?

Financial Reward

Turn residual stock into revenue generating products.

Heartfelt Appreciation

We make sure our customers know who is pushing for a more sustainable future. No strings attached.